Direct Debit Payment

Direct Debit Payment

Direct Payment is a safe, convenient, and confidential way to pay your sewer service bills.  It gives you greater control over your finances and guarantees that your sewer service bill will be paid on time.


Just download the AUTHORIZATION FORM, print the application, fill in your printed copy, and forward along with a VOIDED CHECK to:

The McCandless Township Sanitary Authority
418 Arcadia Drive
Pittsburgh, PA. 15237


Due to the way web pages reformat to the browser being used, forms may not print out correctly without using a standardized format such as Adobe's PDF format.  The link below will attempt to open the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application form, and you can print the form from within Acrobat Reader.  If you get a "Save As ..." box when you click on the link below, you probably don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed yet so you'll need to install it.




Should you have any questions regarding the Direct Debit Payment plan, please refer to our list of frequently asked questions below or call our Billing Department at (412) 366-8481.





Q.    What is Direct Debit Payment?

A.    Direct Debit Payment is a safe, convenient and confidential method of automatic bill payment. 


Q.    How do I sign up?

A.    You may download this form from our website.  Just complete printed application and return to

        MTSA along with a voided check..  Or you may request an application to be mailed to you by

        calling our billing office at (412) 366-8481. 


Q.    When will this take effect?

A.    Please continue to pay your sewage bill until notification is made on your bill that your payment

        will be debited from your bank account.



Q.    When will my payment be debited from my bank account?

A.    We will inform your banking institution of the amount due on the due date. Should the due date

        fall on a weekend, then it would be the next business day. 


Q.    How will I know how much my bill is?

A.    MTSA will continue to send you a copy of your sewer service bill. 


Q.    What if I have a question about my bill?

A.     Simply call our Billing Department (412) 366-8481 for questions regarding your account. 


Q.    What if I want to stop participating in the Direct Debit plan?

A.     Please send a letter stating your decision to discontinue the Direct Debit Payment plan to

        MTSA at 418 Arcadia Drive   Pittsburgh, PA. 15237. Or you may email your request to

        our Billing Coordinator at


Q.    Is there a charge for this service?

A.    No.  MTSA does not charge for Direct payments.