Sewage Treatment Facilities

Longvue 1

Address: 1275 Hazlett Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Sewage Permit #: 4675028
NPDES: PA0025992
Capacity: 1.95 MGD

The Longvue No. 1 Plant is a conventional activated sludge treatment plant with a rated capacity of 1.2 millions gallon per day (MGD). The plant was originally constructed in the early 1940's and purchased by MTSA in 1960 to serve customers in the Town of McCandless and boundaries of Hampton Township and Ross Township located in the Little Pine Creek Watershed. This plant was reconstructed in 1967 to serve future community needs. The Longvue No. 1 System provides service to a total of 2,205 residents.  A second upgrade was preformed in 2009 utilizing Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) technology and ultraviolet disinfection.