Sewage Treatment Facilities

Lowrie's Run Watershed

The Lowries Run System within the Town of McCandless has one pump station. The interceptor is owned and managed by Ross Township and The McCandless Township Sanitary Authority.

The jointly owned Lowries Run Interceptor sewer was constructed by Ross Township in 1957 through 1960. That sewer begins as a 24" sewer at a connection to an Alcosan diversion structure in Emsworth and extends 26,817 feet along Lowries Run to the border between Ross Township and the Town of McCandless and terminates as an 18" sewer. The 1957 construction consisted of 5,877 feet of 24", 10,398 feet of 21", and 6,753 feet of 18". The 1960 construction was of 3,969 feet of 18" sewer line. In 1961, MTSA constructed 223 feet of 18" sewer line (now considered part of the jointly owned sewer due to township boundaries change) and 1,574 feet of 15" in the Town of McCandless.